Cheetham Salt is the largest manufacturer of Australian solar salt products and offers reliable high quality salt for the food and industrial markets.

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Just as outdoor living is a part of the Australian lifestyle, for many the backyard pool is the focal point of the family’s summer entertainment. Australian families want to have pools which have clean, safe water and provide healthy play area. For over 100 years Cheetham Salt has supplied the pool industry an array of high quality naturally evaporated sea salt. Our products continue to meet the needs of our customers and each product is fully supported by our customer service and sales team.

Ocean UltraFine Pool Salt
This an ultra-fine product is specifically engineered for pools using pool salt chlorine generators. Naturally evaporated, no harsh chemicals are added during production. With the highest level of purity, its ultrafine, quick and even dissolving crystals helps to ensure clean and clear water clarity for your pool. Ocean UltraFine is a high quality choice for all pool owners.

To learn more about Ocean UltraFine and understand the importance of using high quality pool salt, please watch our product video HERE

Mermaid Finest Swimming Pool Salt
This premium solar pool salt helps to ensure water clarity for many family pools. Although designed essentially for swimming pools with salt chlorinators, it may also be used in most chlorine treated pools for that natural feel. This product is fast dissolving and easy to use including our new easy open feature, and should be the first choice in salt for your pool.

To learn more about Mermaid Finest and understand the importance of using high quality pool salt, please watch our product video HERE

Sunray Swimming Pool Salt
Sunray is washed salt and produced by solar evaporation. The quality of this product ensures it popularity as a consistent and reliable medium granular salt. Often found in hardware and large department stores, Sunray can be used in many salt water chlorinators.

Diamond Pool Salt
This medium coarse salt is doubled washed and refined to help in water clarity. Additive-free, this product can be found in many pool shops and proven effective in pool filtration.

Cheetham Salt offers a vast array of products packaged from 10kg bags to 1,200kg bulker bags. For more information on our various products along with recommended applications please contact our customer service centre


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